Timing Belts

The basics

The timing belt is an integral part of the engine of every car, as it assists in the efficient running of the engine.

If your timing belt ceases to function this can cause considerable collateral damage to the rest of the engine. It is essential that early detection of any issue with the timing belt is identified. Most vehicle manufacturer’s will also determine that the water pump be changed at the same time as the timing belt.

Advance Pitstop Timing Belts

When should you replace your car timing belt?

All car manufacturers specify a date, or mileage, at which time they strongly advise to replace the timing belt in each of their own vehicles. This is usually at approximately 60 kms, or 5 years; however it can vary depending on the vehicle specification.

Full details about the timing belt and suggested replacement dates are contained in the driver’s handbook supplied with the vehicle.

Alternatively call into your local Advance Pitstop branch and we will be able to advise you on the details for your car.


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